LP - Golden Ivy - "Kläppen"

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LP - Golden Ivy - "Kläppen"

A1 Kläppen
A2 Kläppen II
A3 Natt & Dag

B1 Delta
B2 Baby Blues
B3 Kont

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Release date: 20 December 2019

"On his previous album for Malmö Inre - Monika - Ivar Lantz promised us the width of the Scandinavian forests within reach. With this new album, again under the guise of Golden Ivy; a new chapter of that same tale is laid forth. Truly siblings born from the same creative flow, they both stand alone from Lantz’s previous musical endeavors and together to support each other. Kläppen is an epic mellow experience for both the body and the mind. An almost family friendly record for the home stereo system, and yet quietly but daringly explorative of the avant-garde terrain. While the title is identical to an actual place on the map, don’t let that fool you. The word itself is an old Swedish way of describing a hilltop, and can still be heard in local talk to this day. But in the context of this album, it is essentially an imagined place. And it’s important that we all have a place like this to go to. A place where our theta waves oscillate in the right rhythms. With his violin and flute, Lantz have found the right tools to harness these rhythms and carve them into sound waves, guiding us there. Kläppen is, alas, both the trip and the destination. Ouroboros!"
- Simon Eliasson

För uthämtning på Solde i Malmö, fraktfritt, välj Swaziland istället för Sweden som leveransadress.